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Fauri Law: Empowering Toronto’s Entrepreneurs and Businesses

At Fauri Law, we are passionate about supporting Toronto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our mission is to provide top-tier legal counsel and practical solutions to startups, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises at every stage of their lifecycle. Whether you’re a technology startup, a creative agency, or an innovative service provider, we are committed to helping you make informed decisions every step of the way.

A Legacy of Excellence and Trust: Although Fauri Law is a relatively new firm, established in 2020, our founder Khaled El Fauri brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. With over 18 years in the legal industry, Khaled has worked with leading organizations in Europe, Canada, and the UAE, both prior to and during his time at Fauri Law. His expertise and specialization have been sought after by prestigious clients such as Fincantieri, Shaw Communications, Infrastructure Ontario, Meridian Credit Union, UAE’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, and other government organizations, among others. This legacy of excellence has laid the foundation for Fauri Law’s commitment to delivering exceptional legal services and achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. When you choose Fauri Law, you can expect exceptional legal services and favorable outcomes.

Key Differentiators that Set Us Apart:

  1. Industry Focus: We have extensive experience and specialization in supporting businesses across various industries, including technology, creative services, and innovative startups. Our in-depth understanding of these sectors enables us to provide targeted legal advice and solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and challenges you face.

  2. Subscription Services: We are excited to introduce FLConnect Membership™ and FLStartup Accelerate™ – two innovative programs designed to redefine the way businesses and startups engage with legal support. These dynamic solutions offer transformative ecosystems, empowering your journey with innovation, cost-effectiveness, and strategic support. FLConnect Membership™ prioritizes your business, providing unlimited phone consultations, on-demand legal support, expert digital legal documents through FLDr@ft, and a rich library of templates in FLDox. Meanwhile, FLStartup Accelerate™ is your launchpad for startup growth, delivering tailored guidance and resources that are both visionary and pragmatic. Welcome to FLConnect and FLStartup Accelerate™.

Client Success Stories:

  • Startup Success: We helped a technology startup navigate complex intellectual property issues and secure patents for their groundbreaking innovations. As a result, they successfully attracted strategic investors and achieved significant market growth.

  • M&A Excellence: Our expertise in mergers and acquisitions facilitated a seamless transition for a client during their acquisition process, ensuring a favorable outcome and preserving their business interests.

Tailored Legal Services:

At Fauri Law, we value your business and prioritize understanding your unique needs. We believe in taking a personalized approach to provide legal services that align with your specific requirements. Our experienced team will work closely with you to assess your goals, navigate legal complexities, and tailor our services to your business’s individual needs. We begin with an initial no-fee consultation, allowing us to assess your requirements and develop a strategic legal approach accordingly.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Contact us today to schedule your no-fee consultation and discover how Fauri Law can empower your business with top-tier legal counsel and practical solutions. Join our community of successful entrepreneurs and businesses in Toronto and experience the difference of working with a firm dedicated to your success.

Please feel free to review our law firm’s profile presentation for further details on the Firm’s expertise and our range of legal services.

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Why Fauri Law

As a boutique law firm, we have big firm experience with the hands-on, personalized touch of a small firm.

Innovative Technologies

Technology is our greatest tool and we leverage its power to make working with us easier, faster, and better. Learn more. 

Transparent pricing

With three flexible membership plans to choose from, FLConnect Membership offers significant cost savings compared to traditional law firms. Learn more.

Streamlined Processes

Our FLConnect membership plan offers access to cutting-edge tools like FL Dr@ft™, a digital legal documents service that streamlines the creation of legal documents. Learn More.

Clear Communications

You won’t ever get legalese at Fauri Law. We provide simple, effective strategies and solutions that you don’t need a law degree to understand.

Fast Turnaround

As a business owner, your time is money. You can expect fast turnaround time via phone and email on all matters.

Virtual Accessibility

We make it easy to schedule meetings, build agreements online, submit a secure payment, and upload paperwork electronically. We’re also available in person in Toronto.

Innovative Technologies

Technology is our greatest tool and we leverage its power to make working with us easier, faster, and better. Learn more.


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