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Shui Luo is a highly seasoned business and international transactions lawyer, licensed in both Ontario, Canada, and China, with over two decades of comprehensive experience. His practice spans across Canada and Greater China, specializing in corporate and commercial law.

Shui Luo, currently serving as Counsel at Fauri Law, possesses extensive expertise in business and international transactions. Prior to assuming his current role, Shui accumulated valuable experience at a prestigious Canadian top 10 national firm, where he adeptly managed diverse corporate and real estate transactions. His portfolio includes overseeing venture capital investments, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial real estate developments. Now, at Fauri Law, Shui leverages this wealth of experience to provide pragmatic and innovative legal solutions to clients, always prioritizing their needs and interests.

With an extensive background in navigating complex legal matters within prominent law firms, Shui brings unparalleled expertise and methodologies to his clients, akin to those found in top-tier law firms.

Known for his pragmatism and decades-long proficiency in commercial dealings, Shui consistently devises practical and sound legal strategies tailored to his clients’ needs and objectives. His unwavering commitment to prioritizing client interests often leads him to work tirelessly, ensuring successful deal completions—a rare trait among legal professionals in Canada.

Shui boasts extensive experience across various industries, including software, blockchain, technology, manufacturing, entertainment, construction, distribution, medical services, education, mining, and oil and gas. He frequently represents both early-stage startups and emerging growth companies on corporate and financing matters, as well as mature enterprises on private mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital, and strategic investments.

Beyond his legal practice, Shui actively engages in community initiatives, serving as the co-founder of the LanchHub Angels Network (LH Angels), the sole angel investor organization formed by Chinese Canadians in Canada.

  • Representing a VC in its investment in a Vancouver based start-up company specializing in hydrogen fuel cell technology;
  • Advising a Toronto based start-up company specializing in development of blockchain-based social media technology on its corporate and financing issues;
  • Advising a Vancouver based start-up company specializing in development of digital avatar on its corporate and financing issues;
  • Advising a Toronto based start-up company specializing in crypto mining on its corporate and financing issues;
  • Representing a Vancouver based start-up company specializing in NFT trading platform development on its series-angel round financing involving over 20 investors and advising on formulating its privacy policy and terms of use;
  • Representing a Canada based AI company on it’s series-A financing transaction with a top China VC;
  • Representing a Canada based start-up company specializing in bioinformatics on its series-A financing transaction;
  • Advising a blockchain technology company in formulating its terms of use and privacy policies in relation to its multiple blockchain applications and websites;
  • Representing a listed company in China on its acquisition of a private school in Ontario – deal value $30 MM;
  • Representing a private company in China in legal due diligence on its Canadian subsidiary with substantial distribution business;
  • Representing a Toronto based start-up company specializing in the development of event management and ticket sale platform on its $1 MM angel investment transaction;
  • Representing a Toronto based start-up company specializing in the digital exhibition service on its angel investment transaction;
  • Representing a Vancouver based start-up company focusing on digital wallet development in its national security review process with Investment Canada;
  • Advising a Canadian leading payment technology company on its corporate and financing matters, including but not limited to formulating its standard service contract;
  • Advising a Canadian start-up company specializing in metaverse technology on its seed round financing;
  • Representing a Canadian private company in acquisition of private school facility in Ontario;
  • Advising on a US company’s acquisition of a Canadian electronic payment software company; and                                            
  • Advising a Canada based private aircraft developer on its financing and cooperation transactions with a Chinese airline company.
  • Representing clients for the sale and purchase of 3 farms in Ontario with value of $2MM – $6 MM
  • Advising an Ontario-based land developer on its complicated loan structure for the purpose of acquiring and developing lands in Ontario;
  • Advising a Chinese public company on its dispute with a minority shareholder of its Canadian subsidiary;
  • Advising a land developer on the acquisition of limited partnership units and shares associated with a real estate project in Ontario;
  • Advising a client on its purchase of vacant land for development of single homes in Ontario.

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