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Pay By Credit Card

We are pleased to accept online credit card payment for Fauri Law invoices. Online payments are processed through our credit card payment provider, LawPay. If you would like to pay your invoice or make a retainer payment online, simply use the appropriate link below.

Payment for Legal Services:

Make payment

Payment for Retainer:

Make payment


Pay by Interac eTransfer

Fund your trust account, or pay for services rendered, all with Interac eTransfer. It’s secure, fast and easy.

  1. Fill out a quick form

Our team will need details about your eTransfer so we know what your transaction is for. Filling out the form does not send any money.

Go to form  →


  1. Send your eTransfer

Log into your bank on a computer or on mobile and send the funds to


  1. Receive your confirmation

That’s it! You’ll receive an automated email notification from your bank when the funds have been deposited.





Legal disclaimer:

Fauri Law does not collect, store or have access to the information (including credit card information) you provide to LawPay. For additional information, please review our Privacy Policy. Submitting a payment to Fauri Law (hereinafter “FL”) does not create a lawyer-client relationship between FL and the Payor (“you”). If the Payor is not a client of FL, submitting a payment to FL does not provide the Payor with any entitlement to information pertaining to the client’s file for which the payment is being made. Any payment that cannot be matched to an existing client will be rejected. If your payment is rejected, please contact the lawyer to whom your payment is due to arrange for an alternate form of payment.