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Frequent Asked Questions 


Fauri Law

Who we are?

Fauri Law, established in 2020, is not just a law firm; it’s a dynamic hub for legal innovation. We bring a fresh and forward-thinking approach to legal services, with a proven track record of success and a passion for supporting Toronto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our commitment is to redefine the traditional law firm experience by seamlessly integrating innovative legal solutions, subscription plans, and personalized support to foster the growth and success of our clients. Fauri Law is your one-stop legal partner, providing a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to meet your evolving legal needs.

What sets Fauri Law apart? 

Fauri Law distinguishes itself by integrating innovation, personalized support, and sector-focused insights into every aspect of our legal services. Unlike traditional law firms, we go beyond conventional legal counsel, offering a dynamic approach to empower businesses and startups. Our commitment to redefining the legal experience is evident through our comprehensive solutions, subscription plans, and strategic support tailored to your unique needs. From business formation and fundraising to document generation and team management, Fauri Law stands apart as a legal partner with a proactive, forward-thinking mindse.

What legal services does Fauri Law offer?

At Fauri Law, we offer a wide range of legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and startups. Our key legal services include:

  1. Business Formation: Navigate the complexities of business formation with precision.
  2. Fundraising Support: Access strategic fundraising support integrated with a leading equity management platform.
  3. Document Generation: Utilize FLDr@ft™ and FLDox™ for quick and customized legal document creation.
  4. IP Protection: Benefit from comprehensive legal solutions to safeguard your intellectual property.
  5. Contracts and agreements: We’re here to help you draft and negotiate all kinds of agreements, from shareholders agreement to sales contractsand everything in between.
  6. Buying or selling a business: Whether you’re buying or selling a business, we’re here to help you through the entire process. We’ll assist you with due diligence, drafting purchase agreements, and even employment contracts.
  7. Business Growth Strategies: Tap into our expertise in scaling businesses and navigating diverse legal challenges.
  8. Team Building Solutions: Leverage tailored legal solutions for hiring, granting options (ESOP), incentivizing, and effectively managing your team.

What is Fauri Law’s Subscription Plans

Embarking on a journey to revolutionize how businesses engage with legal support, we are thrilled to introduce our innovative subscription plans – FLConnect™ and FLStartup Accelerate™. These transformative programs are designed to infuse innovation, cost-effectiveness, and strategic support into your business journey. FLConnect™ caters to businesses of all sizes, providing unparalleled access to expert legal guidance and a wealth of resources. On the other hand, FLStartup Accelerate™ serves as your dedicated launchpad for startup growth, offering visionary yet pragmatic guidance and resources. Take our quiz to discover which Fauri Law subscription plan aligns with your goals and requirements, and experience the difference of working with a firm dedicated to your success.





What is FLConnect?

FLConnect™ is a transformative legal support membership designed to empower businesses. It offers comprehensive legal services starting at CA$399 per month, this is often less than what traditional legal services could cost for a single hour, with two tiers – Lite and Pro – catering to different levels of legal assistance.

What does FLConnect Lite include?

FLConnect™ Lite, priced at CA$399 per month (This is often less than what traditional legal services could cost for a single hour), includes 18 phone consultations per year, 24 hours of on-demand legal service, access to FLDr@ft™ for automated legal documents, and FLDox™ for a suite of contract templates. Members also enjoy a 10% Preferred Member Discount on additional legal services. Save CA$288 with annual billing.

How does FLConnect Pro  defers from FLConnect Lite?

FLConnect™ Pro, priced at CA$699 per month, offers unlimited phone consultations, 36 hours of on-demand legal service, full access to FLDr@ft™ and FLDox™, and a 25% Preferred Member Discount on additional legal services. It caters to businesses with higher legal needs. Save CA$888 with annual billing.

How does FLConnect save me money compared to traditional hourly billing?

FLConnect’s fixed monthly pricing ensures cost predictability, potentially saving you up to $32,500 annually compared to traditional hourly rates. It eliminates surprise bills, making legal assistance more budget-friendly for your business.

What is FLDr@ft Automated `documents 

Fauri Law offers a suite of high-quality legal templates using document automation service (called FL Dr@ft™) delivered on a robust technology platform to assist startups and small to medium businesses.

This technology allows legal and business teams to quickly and independently generate tailor-made documents from their desktop and mobile devices. It enables users to create documents from an online questionnaire easily. 

How does FLDr@ft defers from FLDox

FLDox offers a vast library of pre-drafted legal templates to provide you with comprehensive legal coverage. Included in FLConnect LitePro, and FLStartup subscriptions. Each subscription plan has its own designed toolkit, tailored for both startups and established enterprises

How are on-demand legal support hours allocated for FLConnect members?

FLConnect Pro members have a total of 36 hours of On-demand legal support annually, while FLConnect Lite members have 18 hours annually. For monthly subscribers, these hours are allocated evenly over a 12-month period, allowing members to use them each month as needed.



FLStartup Accelerate

What is FLStartup Accelerate, and how does it differ from traditional legal services?

FLStartup Accelerate™ is an exclusive startup acceleration package designed to provide comprehensive legal support to ambitious entrepreneurs and startups. It covers key areas such as business formation, funding support, equity management, and general counsel services.

What benefits do I get as a member of FLStartup Accelerate?



Subscribe to FLStartup Accelerate for comprehensive legal support tailored to startups. Our annual fee of $6,000 ensures expert guidance in establishing your business with an investable structure. Beyond initiation, we can help you accelerate growth, secure funding, generate essential startup legal documents, and efficiently organize equity management. Streamline the issuance, approval, and acceptance of equity and option grants seamlessly with FLStartup Accelerate, your dedicated partner in startup success.

How does FLStartup Accelerate™ streamline equity management for startups?

FLStartup Accelerate™ offers seamless integration with a leading equity management platform. It includes features such as Equity Incentive Plan, Cap Table Tracking, Options Exercise, Vesting Schedule Tracking, SAFE Issuance, and Electronic Securities Acceptance to efficiently manage your startup’s equity structure.

How does FLStartup Accelerate™ ensure cost-effectiveness for startups?

FLStartup Accelerate™ offers real value and real savings by providing holistic legal coverage, streamlined processes, and expertise at a predictable cost. It is designed to save startups up to $23,500 annually compared to traditional hourly rates.

What are the key differences between FLStartup Accelerate and FLConnect?

FLStartup Accelerate stands as the go-to legal companion for startups, guiding them through the intricate process of establishing their businesses in a strategically investable structure, priced at an annual fee of $6,000. This comprehensive service extends beyond mere initiation, providing invaluable assistance in accelerating startup growth, securing funding, and ensuring robust protection through essential startup token documents. Additionally, FLStartup Accelerate excels in organizational efficiency, navigating the complexities of equity management seamlessly. This involves facilitating the issuance, approval, and acceptance of equity and option grants with precision.

In contrast, FLConnect caters to a diverse spectrum of companies at any stage, offering ongoing legal support through two subscription tiers starting at $399 a month. With the capacity to deliver up to 36 hours of on-demand legal assistance, FLConnect acts as a steadfast general counsel, providing continual guidance to foster company growth and safeguard legal interests.

This key distinction showcases FLStartup Accelerate’s startup-centric focus and annual fee structure, while FLConnect’s flexible monthly subscription model accommodates the ongoing legal needs of businesses across various stages of development.

How does FLStartup Accelerate™ streamline the fundraising process for startups?

FLStartup Accelerate™ provides streamlined fundraising assistance by offering a startup toolkit with essential documents available under FLDoX. This includes investment terms sheets, convertible promissory notes, investor subscription agreements, and more, facilitating seamless fundraising.Beyond document generation, our experienced legal experts are dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of engaging with investors and securing funding for your startup.