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What is FL Dr@ft Document Automation?

Fauri Law offers a suite of high-quality legal templates using document automation service (called FL Dr@ft™) delivered on a robust technology platform to assist startups and small to medium businesses.

This technology allows legal and business teams to quickly and independently generate tailor-made documents from their desktop and mobile devices. It enables users to create documents from an online questionnaire easily. 



How to access FL Dr@ft automated legal documents?

As an FLConnect member, you have unlimited access to FL Dr@ft Documents Automation. Learn more about becoming a member today.



How to download my copy of legal document?

Once you complete the relevant questionnaire, you can access and download your draft on your devise by clicking on the “Export to Word” button at the right corner of the form.

Should I send my downloaded legal document to a lawyer for review?

FL Dr@ft documents have not been prepared with your specific circumstances in mind, may not be suitable for use in your business, and do not constitute tax advice. Relying on these FL Dr@ft documents, you assume all risk and liability that may result. Therefore, you should consult your lawyer before using any of our FL Dr@ft documents.