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Discover the Power of FLConnect™: Your Comprehensive Legal Support

FLConnect™ is more than a legal service; it’s a transformative legal support membership delivering exceptional value to your business, starting at just $399 per month. By joining FLConnect™, you’re not just subscribing to a service—you’re investing in a proactive legal partnership dedicated to placing your business at the forefront.

Are legal challenges hindering your business’s potential growth? FLConnect Membership is your gateway to a world of legal advantage. Picture having expert legal guidance just a call away. FLConnect offers not only access to seasoned lawyers but also equips you with a suite of potent legal tools and resources carefully designed to empower businesses like yours.

Tailored to accommodate both ambitious startups navigating initial stages and thriving enterprises in need of specialized legal support, FLConnect™ offers two membership tiers:

  1. FLConnect Lite: Meticulously crafted to provide essential legal aid, FLConnect Lite arms you with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the intricate legal landscape of the business world.
  2. FLConnect Pro: Your pathway to a higher level of legal assistance, offering unlimited consultations and a rich reservoir of legal resources, always within your reach.



  • Comprehensive Legal Services: FLConnect™ isn’t just about legal advice; it’s a holistic legal solution. You’ll have unlimited access to experienced lawyers for phone consultations, contract reviews, and general counsel services. This ensures that you’re always supported in your legal endeavors.
  • Efficient Document Management: Save time and effort with FLConnect™ by accessing unlimited automated legal documents through FL Dr@ft™. Tailor-made legal documents are just a click away, making your paperwork hassle-free and efficient.
  • Tailored Legal Solutions: Whether you’re an ambitious startup or a well-established enterprise, FLConnect™ caters to your specific needs. The membership is crafted to provide essential legal aid for early-stage businesses through FLConnect Lite, or extensive legal support and specialized solutions for thriving enterprises via FLConnect Pro.
  • Cost-Effective Legal Assistance: Predictable monthly pricing starting at $399 ensures that you get budget-friendly legal assistance. Additionally, you can save up to 25% on extra legal services, making it an even more cost-effective choice for your business.
  • Knowledge and Networking: FLConnect™ goes beyond legal consultations. You’ll gain access to educational resources, industry updates, and networking events, allowing you to stay informed and connected within your business community.
  • Priority Access and Referral Incentives: Membership grants you priority access to legal services, faster response times, and even the opportunity to earn incentives through our referral program. Recommending FLConnect™ to others not only benefits your business but also your network.

Join FLConnect™ today and unlock a proactive legal partnership that puts your business at the forefront, enabling you to focus on what matters most—growing your business with confidence.


Membership Features

Unlimited Phone Consultations

Have a legal question? Need advice? With FLConnect™, you can schedule unlimited 15-minute phone consultations with our lawyers. Get the guidance you need, hassle-free.

Up to 36 hours of On-Demand Legal Support  

Enjoy up to 36 hours of dedicated legal support per year (worth approx. $12,500) for contract reviews, consultations, and more. No additional costs! This generous allocation of on-demand service can be a significant cost-saving feature, as businesses can address their legal needs without incurring additional hourly fees.

The pre-paid on-demand service ensures you have sufficient support to handle your workload effectively, offering peace of mind and budget-friendly legal assistance when you need it most. If you need additional legal services beyond the plan coverage, you can avail them at a 25% preferred member discount.

Unlimited Access to Automated Legal Documents (called FL Dr@ft™)  

Generate tailor-made legal documents quickly and independently using our FL Dr@ft™ service. FLDr@ft™ is your digital startup document generator, meticulously crafted to save you time and effort in legal paperwork. Whether you need software agreement, IP protection, or business contracts, FLDr@ft™ offers a user-friendly platform where you can swiftly create tailor-made legal documents specific to your startup needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Efficiency: Generate legal documents quickly and efficiently, so you can focus more on growing your startup.
  • Customization: Tailor each document to suit your startup’s unique requirements, ensuring legal alignment and compliance.
  • Saves Time: Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and enjoy more time for strategic business decisions.

Unlimited Access to a Suite of Contract Templates (called FLDox™)

FLDox™ offers an extensive library of pre-drafted legal templates, curated to cover a wide spectrum of legal needs that companies commonly encounter. From shareholder agreements to employment contracts and beyond, our comprehensive collection of templates is here to support you at every stage of your startup journey.

Key Benefits:

  • Diverse Templates: Access up to 30 essential startup legal documents, covering business agreements, compliance documents, IP protection, and more.
  • Ready-to-Use: Instantly utilize pre-drafted templates, saving you the hassle of starting from scratch.
  • Legally Sound: Rest assured knowing that the templates are crafted by legal experts to meet legal standards and compliance requirements.

Up to 25% Preferred Member Discount  

As an FLConnect member, you’ll receive up to a 25% discount off our regular fixed-fee prices on additional legal services beyond the plan coverage. We’re here to support your evolving legal needs at a discounted rate.

You can get in touch with us for a free consultation and a fixed-fee quote for any additional assistance you may require.



Plans and Pricing



Take the Next Step

Discover the Fauri Law difference today and experience a legal partnership that puts your business first. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock affordable legal solutions for your business. 

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Legal disclaimer:
*Membership is subject to a legal service agreement. HST and any disbursement will be charged in addition to membership fees or any other legal fees. *Member Benefits are subject to change/cancellation at any time without notice. All Prices are in Canadian Dollar.

What sets FLConnect apart from other alternative legal service providers?

FLConnect, provided by a law firm, offers unique advantages over alternative legal service providers:

  1. Legal Expertise: Benefit from experienced attorneys who provide accurate and reliable legal advice backed by their extensive knowledge and professional insights.
  2. Attorney-Client Relationship: Establish a direct relationship with the law firm, fostering trust, personalized attention, and accountability.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: FLConnect ensures adherence to legal and ethical standards set by the legal profession, following professional codes of conduct and maintaining professional liability insurance for added protection and peace of mind.

Why Become a Member?

  1. With a generous allocation of 30 hours of On-Demand Legal Support, you’ll have the necessary assistance to effectively manage your workload, while saving money on expensive hourly legal fees.
  2. FLDr@ft™ and FLDox™ are powerful tools. Both features are provided within your subscription that can cover many aspects of your business without hiring a lawyer.
  3. Preferred Member Discounts: Looking for additional support? FLConnect members enjoy up to a 25% preferred member discount on extra legal services.
  4. Unlimited phone consultations with experienced lawyers are at your fingertips, providing quick advice and in-depth guidance whenever you need it
  5. Cost-Effective Legal Solutions: Get expert guidance tailored to your needs and save thousands on legal fees with cost-effective solutions at a fraction of traditional hourly billing.
  6. Proactive Future Protection: By joining FLConnect™, you Empower your business to proactively address legal matters and protect its future with ongoing legal support.

Is the FLConnect membership right for me?

Consider the FLConnect ™ membership if:

  1. You’re cost-conscious and want cost-effective legal support without compromising quality.
  2. You need ongoing legal guidance and anticipate the need for frequent consultations.
  3. Your business has document-intensive workflows, and you want to streamline your processes using document automation (FLDr@ft ™).
  4. You’re looking for a comprehensive legal resource and access to pre-drafted legal templates (FLDox ™).
  5. You value building a long-term relationship with a trusted legal partner.


How much can I save with a membership?

FLConnect provides remarkable cost savings compared to traditional law firms. By offering unlimited phone consultations, up to 30 hours of on-demand legal support, 16 documents through FLDr@ft, and access to 30 templates in FLDox, businesses can save an impressive $34,000 per year for equivalent services. Choose FLConnect and enjoy comprehensive legal support while keeping your expenses in check.


What is a pre-paid On-Demand Legal support and how does it work?

  • One of the standout features of Fauri Law’s FLConnect™ membership is the inclusion of a pre-paid on-demand legal service. With up to 30 hours of dedicated legal support included in your membership per year (worth of $10,500), you have ample time to address your business’s legal needs without incurring additional costs.
  • This generous allocation of on-demand service not only provides you with the necessary guidance and expertise but also saves you money that would otherwise be spent on hourly legal fees. Whether it’s contract review, consultations, or other legal matters, the pre-paid On-Demand Service ensures you have sufficient support to handle your workload effectively, offering peace of mind and budget-friendly legal assistance when you need it most. No extra cost.
  • Need extra legal services beyond the block of hours available in your membership tier? no problem, you can benefit from our preferred member discount of up to 25% discount on regular fixed-fee prices.

What is your cancellation policy and how do I cancel?

If you’re not happy, we’ll certainly try to rectify the situation. Regardless, if you want to cancel, you can do that at any time directly from your online account. For any reason. Or no reason.